Lepide Active Directory Cleaner

Lepide Active Directory Cleaner 14.05.01

Remove inactive and outdated accounts with Lepide Active Directory Cleaner

Remove inactive and outdated accounts with Lepide Active Directory Cleaner

Lepide Active Directory Cleaner efficiently finds inactive user accounts and removes, moves, disables or sets password providing clean and safe AD environment. Easy to use, the AD cleaner helps in managing AD environment regularly.

Lepide Active Directory Cleaner proves to be a complete and effective solution to deal with inticacies of manual AD cleanup. It requires no IT staff involvement or additional resources and lets you get rid of intricate command lines, queries to locate, remove or disable the inactive accounts. User needs to only schedule the software accordingly. Active Directory Cleaner lets you sustain various industry regulations and improve the AD performance. AD cleaner quickly locates all user accounts that are not in use for a while and removes, disables or moves it to another OU in no time. It lets the user define inactivity that is 30, 60 or 90 days and proceed accordingly. The software allows user to schedule and automate the tasks of setting password, moving, disabling or deleting the inactive account to maintain secured Active Directory. It lets the user generate comprehensive reports on inactive accounts, never logged on users and real last logon details to find out how active certain us

Routine AD cleanup requires more resources and time when performed manually. Hence, LADC is preferred. Lepide Active Directory Cleaner is a complete solution to all AD cleanup woes. It finds out the outdated or inactive user accounts and performs functions such as reset password, disable or move inactive accounts to another OU.

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Lepide Active Directory Cleaner


Lepide Active Directory Cleaner 14.05.01

User reviews about Lepide Active Directory Cleaner

  • alice.walker

    by alice.walker

    "Efficient Tool"

    Very easy to handle. The graphical interface is simply understandable that shows all inactive users list by defining ...   More.

  • tomwolfe

    by tomwolfe

    "Outstanding utility"

    This is the best way to find out inactive computer account from active directory environment and clean a large number...   More.

  • denial parl

    by denial parl

    "A great tool"

    Since, in my earlier days, I tried manual process to find-out inactive users accounts in active directory with no luc...   More.

  • jhon drake

    by jhon drake


    Excellent product, a real one of a kind. It easily generated report which are based on real last logon/logoff details...   More.